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Strawberry’s back office services help reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies. They draw substantially on our deep industry-based knowledge and support the entire lifecycle of our client’s customers. Our operational expertise helps clients increase brand loyalty, revenue and business performance. We carry that same commitment to the back office services we provide.

Strawberry assists clients in transaction and data back office processing across a broad range of markets. Our team supports vertical specific processes, such as disputes, complaints resolution, form processing, file conversion, etc.

Strawberry’s back office solutions include:

  • Credit card collections
  • Data Entry
  • Data conversion
  • Database reconciliation
  • Document handling
  • Forms Processing
  • Fraud monitoring and management
  • Image editing & OCR services
  • Monitoring chat rooms, message boards, blogs and Internet violation reports
  • Mutual fund and brokerage processing
  • Order verification and confirmation
  • Scanning
  • Support estate settlement and annuity ownership changes
  • Survey collection
  • HTML

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